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Alētheia Capital is Asia’s First Full-Scale and Largest Independent Investment Advisory Firm and has a partnership arrangement with MST Marquee. The firm has access to over 1500 clients managing over $10tn in assets under management and has global (licensed) presence in Asia (HK, Singapore), UK (London) and US (New York). Jim Walker is the chief economist at Alētheia Capital (HK). Prior to Alethia, Jim founded Asianomics Group, acted as chief economist at CSLA Asic-Pacific Markets, was a research fellow at the Fraser of Allander Institute for Research, and The Royal Bank of Scotland’s Edinburgh headquarters. Jonathan Wilmont is head of Global Strategy and has over 40 years’ experience analysing financial markets, including 30 years with Credit Suisse as Chief Global Strategist for the Investment Bank and Head of Macro Investment in the UK Asset Management Business.

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